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Sophie Bertrand is a Registered Nutritionist, co-host and co-author of Forking Wellness, owner of her nutrition consultancy and Mum to her two sons.

With a BSc in Psychology and MSc in Clinical Nutrition, she understands the importance of marrying the two together to support good health.

There is so much more to eating well than just ‘eating well’. Healthy looks different on everyone and Sophie helps to empower people to see looking after their health as a lifestyle.

Sophie originally set up her business under the name ‘Sophie’s Healthy Kitchen’, sharing recipes and working with clients on Harley St to help them achieve their nutrition related goals.

As her business grew, she started consulting for brands to help with a variety of different projects.

Amongst many companies, she has worked and supported nutrition related projects with Mondalez, Danone, Alpro, Panasonic, Biokult and Mamamade to name a few.

In 2019, Sophie released a podcast with co-host and Registered Dieitian Bari Stricoff which led to the release of their book Forking Wellness in 2021.

Sophie’s aim is to empower you to prioritise your health in an easy and sustainable way. Through the resources she provides via her Instagram, books, podcast and website, you will find easy and well-balanced recipes and a variety of ways in which you can support your health.