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Forking Wellness Book

• The paperback no-nonsense guide to health and nutrition •

What the fork is wellness? As Registered Nutrition Professionals, Sophie Bertrand and Bari Stricoff take an "all food is fit" approach to eating.

In addition to breaking down the nutrition basics, this book guides the reader through what "balance" really means when eating, how to overcome black-and-white thinking about food, and how to implement mindful eating and eating intuitively.

It will also provide you with simple tools for eating sustainably and on a budget. As the icing on top, the book includes 45 delicious recipes the reader will want to make again and again.

Nutritional Consultations

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As a Registered Nutritionist with the AFN, Sophie aims to inspire individuals to cultivate a non-restrictive diet whilst still maintaining a healthy and well balanced lifestyle.

With specific training in intuitive eating and pre and postnatal nutrition, Sophie offers 1-1 consultations delivering a non diet approach to help you achieve your nutrition related goals.

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