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Pure Chimp Matcha Green Tea

I am very excited to share this blog post with you guys today! Not only am I going to talk about the delicious health benefits of this awesome matcha powder by Pure Chimp,  but I am also going to share some great healthy recipes that I have created using this product.


So, I drink green tea daily and absolutely love it; so when I started hearing more and more about the ‘matcha tea’ trend, I started to look around for what brand might be the best to buy. Green tea can be a tricky one, because you’d be surprised how different various brands taste. After looking at and reading up on different matcha products I narrowed it down to a few- Pure Chimp being one of them- and I must say: I am sticking with this one! Although green tea holds a whole load of health benefits, matcha green tea actually contains more (or a more enhanced version anyway).

I am going to talk you through some the health benefits- and highlight why you need to be consuming this product, daily!

It boosts your metabolism and gives you energy! This is due to the slow-relaeasing caffeine it contains, which is awesome because it’s great for consuming before you hit the gym. I mix mine into smoothies, tea or even into my soy lattes.

Research has shown that drinking matcha tea regularly, can lower bad levels of cholesterol, and contribute to our overall health. This powerful powder, is also PACKED with high levels of antioxidants. These antioxidants assist in destroying ‘free radicals’ which are associated with various different diseases. So if nothing else, drink matcha tea to fight diseases and keep your body healthy.

As I mentioned before, this product is great for mixing as tea, or into smoothies. However, I decided to get a little more creative… I made some delicious raw vegan balls with Pure Chimp’s, matcha tea powder and added coconut- who knew it would taste so good! After playing around with ingredients I perfected a recipe that I am sure you will all enjoy. In fact they looked so good that ‘The Feed Feed Vegan’ featured them on their site. You can see my matcha and coconut balls recipe here.

Pure Chimp Matcha balls

I also want to share a really simple smoothie recipe that I go to before I hit the gym. You get just a really subtle taste of the matcha and to goes so well mixed in with bananas! So here’s the recipe:

  • 1 large banana
  • 1/2 cup of soy milk (or any plant-based milk- almond/coconut)
  • 1-2 teaspoons of Pure Chimp’s matcha tea powder
  • A handful of ice cubes

Blend in a vitamix (or any blender) and enjoy!

So if you’re going to invest in some matcha green tea (and I highly recommend you do) go check out Pure Chimp’s website!