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Raw cacao- health benefits

So today I made chocolate and coconut cupcakes and thought I would blog about the delicious nutritiousness of the recipe! To achieve such a rich chocolate flavour I use raw cacao powder which is just packed with antioxidants! It can also supply us with great long-lasting energy and has high levels of calcium. However, this product may vary in nutritional value so make sure you track down a good organic powder. The one I recommend you can find here.

healthy cacao cupcakes

Personally, I love chocolate- the darker the better! It’s nice to treat ourselves to indulgent foods but I always keep in mind two things… 1) moderation is key 2) what are the health benefits of what I’m eating? Although chocolatey foods are considered a ‘treat’, you will be happy to know that it also provides us with certain health benefits. However, this does not apply to all things chocolatey… I’m talking about the great quality, organic raw stuff that contains a high percentage of cacao– anything over 70 percent is considered dark chocolate but I always go for 85-90 percent. Raw cacao contains almost 4 times as much antioxidant content than regular processed dark chocolate. So when I start baking anything chocolatey, I use organic cacao powder that can do a lot of good for your insides and is also 100 percent plant-based!

It makes you happy

Cacao boosts the serotonin levels in the brain. This is a chemical messenger that helps stabilise our moods, therefore when levels are boosted, so is our state of mind. Phenethylamine in cacao also triggers the release of endorphins and can increase libido!

It can help protect your heart

It contains anti-inflammatory antioxidants that help protect the heart. These antioxidants- flavanols– can also help fight cardiovascular disease and improve blood circulation.

It improves cognitive function

A Harvard study demonstrated that adults who drank 2 cups of cacao a day, increased the blood flow to their brain and improved their memory.

It makes your hair shine

It is an excellent source of sulfur, which is great for strong nails and shiny hair. The flavonols contained can also improve skin hydration, so you can look good on the outside and inside!

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Below are some little cakes I made using the above ingredients! You can try the recipe here.