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Rise and Grind!

Good morning! I hope you are all feeling energised this morning! I know I usually blog about recipes and nutrition but I really wanted to touch on exercise too. I used to absolutely hate exercising… so much that I actually used to skip P.E at school! Anything I could do to get out of it- I would! But little did I know just how important it was, and if I could go back, I definitely wouldn’t have skipped the chance to exercise. Saying that, I have now fallen in love with it! I actually get excited to go to the gym because I know how much my body loves it, and how great I feel once I’ve done it. Plus, did you know that people who exercise live longer? Below are some key health benefits that can be achieved through regular exercise…

Fights off diseases

Medical research indicates that regular physical activity is extremely important to achieve a healthy lifestyle, particularly once we get older. Statistics have shown that regular exercise can reduce risks of certain illnesses such as, coronary heart disease, type 2 diabetes, colon cancer, breast cancer and stroke. It also lowers the risks of depression and dementia.


Had a stressful day? Head straight to the gym! You would not believe how much better you feel after blowing off some steam through physical activity. This is because exercising stimulates various chemicals in the brain which encourage feelings of happiness and relaxation. This can also have long-term effects – improving confidence and levels of self esteem.

Improves energy levels

Exercising can help increase your energy levels. When we keep active, we deliver oxygen and nutrients to our bodies’ tissue more efficiently which enhances our cardiovascular system. This helps keeps our heart and lungs healthy! Regular physical activity also boosts metabolism.

It’s fun!

Believe it or not, exercising can actually be fun… When you find that activity that you find your body likes, you will start to look forward to exercising! It helps you sleep better at night, reduces stress levels and it can be social! Join a dance class or a yoga class with your friends, go running or even walking on a cold, sunny or windy day- it doesn’t matter- just get up and do something! You will feel so much better about yourself.

You can read the research but the best thing to do is to get up and see what I’m talking about! I know the thought of hitting the gym may feel like a drag but this research doesn’t lie! You can also try out different workouts or exercises- I bet you’ll find one you like! Running, dancing, swimming, yoga… There’s so many different forms of working out you can try. Your body will love you for forcing it to work up a sweat. Stretch out those muscles and get moving- even if that just means taking the stairs and not the elevator! Don’t be lazy! Rise and Grind!