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Being #Headstrong


This week I was delighted to attend the Headstrong event with Richie Norton (aka the Strength Temple) in partnership with AXA PPP healthcare. Headstrong is an initiative that encourages us to look at our physical and mental health as one, something we can often neglect to do,, and overall, wellbeing is something I am extremely passionate about.

Health is about so much more than what you are eating… It is about what you are thinking, how you are thinking, how you speak to yourself and how you feel. Mental and physical wellbeing go hand in hand and it was nice to take an hour out of my busy schedule at the Headstrong event  to stretch, re focus my mind, and calm my brain down for just an hour. 


I am someone that stretches daily but the class that Richie Norton led was a lot more focused and I really felt the benefit.

There are many different physical and mental aspects that stretching and moving may have an impact on: 

  • Research suggests that stretching regularly may help improve your circulation, thus increasing blood flow to your muscles (1). This may also decrease your recovery time after an intense workout. 
  • Whether we are sat at a desk all day or lifting heavy objects, back pain is extremely common and become a problem if you are moving too much or not enough. Studies suggest that stretching can help release tension and reduce risk of muscle strain (2).
  • Stretching may help reduce stress levels. When we stress, our bodies tend to tense, even if we don’t realise it! This includes both physical and emotional stress. Stretching it out may help the body release tension. 
  • As well as calming the body, research suggests it may help calm your mind too! Practicing some kind of stretching or breath work daily may help you focus more, be more productive later on in the day and give you a mental time out.

AXA PPP healthcare have some excellent videos led by Richie Norton that you can practice and easily incorporate in to your every day life… Try it and see if you feel a difference!