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My Third Trimester

I actually can’t believe I am writing a blog about being in my third trimester! Although the first trimester felt like the longest few months of my life, when I look back at my pregnancy, it really has flown by. Yes, there have been challenges, however I feel I have had quite an enjoyable pregnancy. But this feeling may be down to the fact that I am just so incredibly grateful to have grown and carried a baby I created with my Husband. I am aware that everyone experiences this journey in such unique ways but here is my own version of how it has been…

The best bits

Hands down, the most magical thing about being pregnant is feeling your baby move around inside of you. My little boy has been so incredibly active and his movements got so much stronger in the third trimester. My favourite thing to do is lie in bed before I go to sleep and just watch him dance around! Having suffered with an eating disorder in the past, I genuinely wasn’t sure how I would handle my body changing so drastically. I am not going to deny having some mentally challenging days however I am just so appreciative that my body has allowed me to this and I have a new sense of respect for myself.

At just over 34 weeks I had a maternity shoot with the lovely Vicky Chilten  and it was so much more magical than I could have expected! I think it is so special to document our body as it grows a baby and I would highly recommend the experience!

Finally, my baby shower! I was sooo beyond grateful that restrictions has eased enough for me to celebrate my little boy with my closet friends and family. My Mum put on an incredible day in the garden and again, it just felt so special (and real!) to think little one will be here so soon!

The challenges

If you are or have been pregnant before you will know it comes with its mental and physical challenges. Particularly around 30-32 weeks, I started to feel very pregnant. Bending down became difficult, I noticed my energy levels dropping and getting out of bed 3 times a night to pee was such an effort! At 28 weeks I found out I was breech and was actually devastated. I started my hypnobirthing course at around 24 weeks and hadn’t even considered a C-section being an option I would have to consider. The nurses told me I would have to keep an open mind if he didn’t flip head down. I headed straight to the spinning babies website as well as googling everything I could about how to turn your baby… Something worked as he flipped to head down position at 33 weeks and I pretty much cried with happiness. I know we can’t always plan how we give birth but I am so grateful that a natural birth is now a more likely option! Since he flipped I have felt my pelvis area feeling a lot heavier… Honestly as if my bump is digging into me! But at least he is in the right position!

I have also suffered miserable heartburn the further I have got into my third trimester and actually resorted to Gaviscon a few times which I was adamant I wouldn’t do. My tips for this would be to identify your trigger foods, stay hydrated, space out when you eat, sit upright after eating and don’t eat too close to bedtime. If it’s really uncomfortable speak to your midwife.

Something I want to mention too is that I fell down the stairs when 32 weeks. Not ideal! But it is important to note that due to the hormone relaxin (which softens our ligaments in preparation for birth) we can get a little clumsy in pregnancy. Thankfully I fell on my back and baby was absolutely fine but I want to shout out to other mama to be’s, to be careful!

Looking after baby and I

Something that has really kept me in positive place both physically and mentally is movement! I mentioned this in my second trimester blog too but exercise has continued to do wonders for my body. If you know me you will know I stick to low impact Pilates and strength style workouts created by one of my best friends Georgie (GS Method). Not only do I feel like it has kept me in good shape and had such a positive impact on my mindset, but I also feel so empowered moving! There is so much research suggesting that staying active whilst pregnant comes with so many benefits and I encourage everyone to find a way of moving that you enjoy! I have also been enjoying my walks with Bear every day.

Nourishing your body and staying hydrated is also super important. I have enjoyed eating a (mostly) well balanced diet however I also acknowledge when my body is asking for specific things. Chocolate has been a solid staple (to be expected!) but I have switched a high percentage dark chocolate for a white or milk chocolate depending on much I feeling like eating as I try and save my caffeine intake for that much needed matcha to help with my energy levels! We also need an extra 200kcal a day in the third trimester.

Third trimester has taught me that rest is just as important as moving… there have been days where just a 20 minute walk has been an achievement because my body is telling me to just slow down.

Pelvic floor exercises have now become a solid part of my daily routine. I downloaded the squeezy app and work my pelvic floor before getting out of bed in the morning and at night.

Prepping for birth

As first times Mum’s we can prep all we want but I really feel like the idea of pushing a baby out is so alien! I have had quite a few moments where I have just sat and thought ‘HOW?!’. But knowledge is power and (without overwhelming myself) I have read a few books and done a few online courses to help prepare me for a what will hopefully be a positive birth experience. I am sooo excited to meet my baby and I want to be able to take each moment in my stride and deal with the experience in the best way possible.

For me, I feel like positive affirmations have been really helpful, I have created a ‘labour playlist’ and spoken to my Husband and Mum about any negative thoughts around the birth. I am also working on having an open mindset in the sense that I know every birth story is different and I cannot control every aspect of it so I have to just ‘go with the flow’ to some degree!

My top products I have been using to keep my skin soft and supple throughout pregnancy are:

Evolve Berry Oil (most days)

My Expert Midwife (at night)

Mama Mio Omega 3 Rub (every other day)

Mama Mio Boob Tube (most days)