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healthy food swaps for kids

When it comes to food, particularly snacks, it is easy to fall into the trap of convenience over healthy. Additionally, we are living in an environment where we are being pitched to every time we walk into the supermarket by brands trying to sell their products regardless of the nutritional value. What I also see so much of, is the fact that most of the food marketed towards kids, is actually higher in sugar and additives than ‘adult’ food. So here I am going to suggest some healthier options that you can offer your kids.

I just want to note that there is no judgement, and offering kids less nutritious foods out of convenience or whatever reason is not a bad thing, and once in a while is not going to have detrimental impact on health. Life is about balance but choosing nutrient dense options regularly can help support overall wellbeing.

Here are some healthy food swaps for kids to promote better nutrition

fruit instead of fruit juice

Choose whole fruits over fruit juices or even purees. Whole fruits contain fibre and fewer sugars compared to many fruit juices. Ideally, young children should always be offered water and milk. Fruit juices are not necessary.

Unsweetened greek yoghurt instead of flavoured

Opt for plain Greek yogurt. ‘Kids’ yoghurts often contain added sugars or fruit puree. Unsweetened Greek yoghurt provides more nutritional value.

homemade smoothies

Make homemade smoothies using fresh fruits, vegetables, and plain yogurt or milk, rather than store-bought sugary drinks.

veggies as snacks

Offer carrot sticks, cucumber slices, bell pepper strips or cherry tomatoes as snacks instead of crisps.

Natural nut butter

Opt for natural peanut butter or almond butter without added sugars and hydrogenated oils, rather than sugary spreads. Look at the ingredients to identify that its made with 100% nuts.

homemade lollies or ice cream

Make your own lollipops by blending real fruit or yogurt, rather than store-bought ones containing artificial additives and sugars. I have a recipe here.

Make your own healthy homemade snacks and get the kids involved. I have many recipes for children. These 2 ingredient hummus crackers are a personal favourite of ours.


Remember, involving kids in meal preparation and making these swaps fun and engaging can help them develop healthier eating habits.

For more information on nutrition and looking after your family, see my ebooks or for more info around family nutrition, please contact me.