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healthy snacks for kids

best healthy snacks for kids

Offering your children a varied diet is important for nutrient diversity to help meet their nutritional needs and help them explore and accept a wide range of foods. Sometimes, thinking of different healthy snack options can be difficult and often some families reach for pre-packaged shop bought kids snacks which aren’t always the healthiest option. Don’t get me wrong – as a Mum I have definitely bought snacks on the go and little kiddie biscuits but for the most part, I think its important to provide nutrient dense whole foods where possible. Here are some healthy snack ideas for your kids.

fresh fruit

This is basically natures candy! Most kids love fruit because of the sweetness but they are rich in a variety of vitamins, minerals and fibre. Cheap, on the go fruits can include: bananas, apples, satsumas or taking out a box of mixed berries is always a hit. You can buy frozen berries and defrost them too.

Veggie sticks

Not always as much of a hit as the fresh fruit but I often combine the two to repeat exposure. Carrot sticks, cucumber and red pepper are all nutritious options that can also be taken on the go.

greek yoghurt

When offering kids yoghurt, plain, unsweetened is best as most of the ‘children’s’ yoghurts contain some form of added sugar. Greek yoghurt is a good source of protein, calcium and other essential nutrients. I often serve this to my son with a sprinkle of flaxseed for extra nutrition.

hummus with veggie sticks or rice cakes 

Hummus is made from chickpeas which are nutrient dense plant foods. You can make your own quite easily or simply opt for a shop bought one. Your little one can dip veggie sticks or rice cakes in it (opt for rice cakes that do not contain salt)


Little cubes of cheese are a great way to add more calcium to your little ones diet and also contain protein so will keep them satisfied in-between meals.

homemade bliss balls

These are super fun to make with your kids and take on the go for snacks. You can add different spices and ingredients – see an example recipe here.


These are a refreshing way to add more diversity and nutrients to your kids diet. You can get them involved in choosing the ingredients too. See mine and my sons favourite recipe here.


You can find more healthy recipes for little ones here.